This Thanksgiving I am Thankful for my wonderful family and friends – who stood by me when I was to tired or in too much discomfort to do the things I should have been doing. Thankful for my wonderful husband who put up with my mood swings from my meds and helped me through the discomfort and tiredness. Thankful for MitoSynergy which has relieved me of most of the discomfort I’d been having, all of my brain “Fog” And thank GOD for showing me the way.

I have been taking MitoSynergy since last November.  It is still working!!!  I have _________, ___ and ___________.  MitoSynergy gives me tons of energy and helps tremendously with the discomfort and brain fog.  I had foot surgery the middle of March on both my feet at the same time.  I have 3 days left before I can start putting full weight on both feet.  While recovering in a wheel chair and on crutches the last 5 1/2 weeks I have had so much energy and felt so good it has been difficult for me to stay still.  I had to force myself not to do anything the first two weeks and after that I have been doing just about the same things I normally do.  I have found you can do just about anything in a wheel chair..might take a little longer.  I have been doing all the regular household things…cooking, (including bar-b-que and dinner parties) dishes, laundry, cleaning the frig and freezer, cleaning out the pantry and cupboards and cleaning up around the house.  Also keeping up outside…pruning the rose bushes, cleaning the patio, the pool and I can’t forget swimming.  I attribute this to MitoSynergy for sure!!!  I have had foot surgery twice before and never accomplished this much (this was before I was diagnosed with ___, ___ and ________). Thanks MitoSynergy, you are The Bomb! Lura Barua

Las Vegas, Nevada

I have _______ and fatigue. The first thing I noticed with Mito was the Brain Fog gone. And then the Fatigue. I actually can stay awake while at work or driving home. Yes, I had before even fallen asleep at the steering wheel!! Nice.. Now I still have some discomfort in my arms (very easy to tolerate), but No Fatigue and No Brain Fog. I wake up in the morning rested and ready to face the day. Use to be no matter how much sleep I’d get I would still wake up tired and exhausted before the day started!! I would recommend ANYone who has fatigue, or any of the other sickness’s Mito offers help for to Please try it. I love reading the posts from the people this is helping, it is amazing. Thank God for leading me to MitoSynergy!! Jeannette Marie Cornett

Hale, Michigan

Hello everyone! My name is Tiffany and I wanted to post my 1 month update! I have  ___ and fatigue. Before Mitosynergy, I was in bad shape. I was sleeping my life away and awake for only the discomfort. Since taking MitoSynergy I have my life back! I am sleeping wonderfully (still a night owl, I always have been) and sleeping restfully. I wake up feeling ready to start the day with energy! It is awesome! I have had only 2 bad days, and its funny, because these bad days was once upon a time, good days! My discomfort never went past the level 2 on a 1 to 10 scale. I have not been stuck in bed, but have been out enjoying life, enjoying my family and my 2 children! My husband loves the difference, I love the difference, and my kids are even loving it! Anyone who is debating about trying MitoSynergy, stop debating and just try it! IT WORKS!!!!!! Thank you MitoSynergy!

I have had _____ since 2003. My life became unwoven!  Then it subsided and it became manageable, all the time being treated on pain medications.  Now, it came back with a vengeance, with ___, followed with depression.  I hadn’t gone out of the house since the spring. Here’s the BIG NEWS!!! I’ve only started 1 week ago, and from the first dose I had immediate……relief.  I called Charlie right away.  Even he was a little shocked.  Ask him, he will tell you about my immediate and continued response.  I can’t say enough!  I already have a depressive disorder (bi-polar) since 1985.  I am 54 now and single, I think that’s a blessing.  I just got done reading about women whose husband left, because they had __.  Well, my depression was without symptoms since 1998.  God has truly blessed my life, and that was before I met Charlie.  EVERYONE who experiences chronic pain, this is the answer!  I do not lie and I do not exaggerate.  Please feel free to visit me on Facebook.  I can’t help but feel like an advocate.  I know I don’t want to suffer.  I’m sure either do you. God bless you in your path to recovery! Laura Turpan

Hackensack, New Jersey

I have been completely off the alprazolam for anxiety, and also off the trazadone for sleeping.  About 1.5 weeks into taking MitoSynergy I had a few bad days where my muscles started to hurt so bad that I could hardly walk, and I also slept for almost 36 hours straight.  That lasted a few days, and then subsided.  I have noticed I am feeling better all the way around most days and the anxiety is doing really well.  The sleeping has improved dramatically!  I am excited to try the new Mito, as I am usually B12 deficient due to RNY Gastric Bypass.  Hopefully this will be even easier for me to absorb and retain.  I’m wishing you all luck and hoping you all are feeling better by the day! Thanks Mito. Amy White

Kaukauna, Wisconsin

Want to tell you just how grateful I am that you worked so closely with my mom and helped her with all her questions where it concerned my health.  I am feeling so good it is hard for me to describe.  I never had a life before MitoSynergy.  Every day is awesome now.  I have no discomfort and no inflammation. My fatigue is gone.  I can’t thank you enough for all you’ve done.

Note:  It is true what everyone is saying, water, detox, water.  In my case of ____ as I am sure with other neurological conditions there are toxins that need to be flushed out of the system from bacteria die off.  If you don’t get rid of it fast enough it will make you sicker.  It is a good thing to have happen, unfortunately, it means the MitoSynergy is working and killing off whatever it is that made you sick in the first place.  It will just take longer before you feel better if you don’t flush them out.  Another great detox is Epsom salt baths.  Your skin is your biggest detox organ and the salt will help draw the toxins out faster.  Also want everyone to know, give it time and hang with the Mito, five months for me.  My mom says it was worth every dollar, now I feel like a million bucks.  I am thirty years old, ____ since I was three years old.  Thank you for giving me a life, never had one before.

Jared Van Handel

Kaukauna, Wisconsin

It’s been about a month now since I last posted. Let me just say that I hope to NEVER be without MitoSynergy and that I look forward to future products with great hope and excitement! I had only a few days of the “heaven’s opening, hallelujah chorus singing” kind of life changing response to MitoSynergy. Since then, it’s been more like a cargo jet taking off…just powering on about my life and business. I am by no means free of all of my ____ and fatigue issues. However, if you have these, or any other discomfort/neurological issues, you know and understand the fact that we who do take every miniscule ounce of energy, rest, and revitalization that we can get! Since starting MitoSynergy, I have only had a few days when I was “down for the count” and frankly, I am not certain that it wasn’t more from a flu bug than my ____/fatigue issues. For me, perhaps this won’t be a “Cure”…but for me, every day that I can get out of bed and be an active participant in my life is PRICELESS!! MITO-UP!! Give it a try today. Don’t miss out on another holiday because of your pain or fatigue. Theresa Harmon

Fort Gratiot, Michigan

I am so grateful that I have been able to eat such wonderful holiday meals and even some treats this year. A few months ago, I wouldn’t have been able to. It’s all thanks to Chlorella and MitoSynergy! ♥ Emilie Brittney Angel

SHUT THE FRONT DOOR! i took this stuff for the 1st time an hr. ago. i SWEAR my arm, leg, shoulder, and back discomfort is currently GONE. My skin stopped hurting. I’ve been stuck in bed on and off for WEEKS. I’m getting out of these pjs, getting clothes on and there is a Christmas tree waiting to be decorated. Holy crap!! I SERIOUSLY cannot believe this. I cannot believe it is actually working! I want to cry right now! THANK YOU, Charles Barker! you are a bloody GENIUS and a Godsend. I pray this is just the beginning…I pray this keeps working. will update later…DAYUUUUUUUUM! ♥ Rhonda Waters

Sidney, Ohio

I am getting my life back with Mitosynergy. I have___ and fatigue. I got the samples from Mitosynergy and I could tell a difference in energy after the first day. I have never seen anything work so fast. I have been on Mitosynergy for 2 weeks now and finally have the energy to get my life back on track. I have the energy to plan my food now and in the last week I have lost 11.5 lbs. Mitosynergy rocks!!

Hey all of you MitoSynergy users we need to band together and get this running, Mito’s 3 day sample pack gave me back some of my spice for life and made me productive at work, not feeling like something out of night of the living dead!!!! Real exited my step son helped me get the month supply can’t wait till they show up!!!!!

Just ordered next months supply! Day 16 feeling very good. I ran around all week X-Mas shopping went to Macys Kmart whole foods, BJ’s a focus group then dentist and Target. I would not have been able to do this if I did not Mito up!

New to this social media world, this is my first post, but NOT new to MitoSynergy.  My son has been taking Mito for three months now.  He started taking MitoSynergy after we read your article in the Public Health Alert newspaper.  He had been diagnosed with ______, _______, ___, ____ and depression.  As it turns out, he tested positive for ____ disease.  Twenty years of suffering by misdiagnosis.  After months of IV antibiotics and of different forms of treatment, MitoSynergy has finally given him relief from his discomfort!  We call it a healing aid.  He remains on all his other natural treatment products but now, he can eat without digestive issues.  His body can now absorb what he is eating and digest it properly. As the saying goes, “We are what we eat” and finally he can eat without getting sick. Some days are better than others.  We know that toxins left behind cause the bad days and he must be very vigilant on his detoxifying. He drinks lots of water and any other forms of gentle detoxifying liquids that will rid his body of toxins.  Note: Detoxifying doesn’t just need to happen for ____ disease; it is for any form of disease or body ailment that has taken your system down.  When you start to heal your body creates waste buildup called toxins, from dead bacteria, parasites or whatever.  So when you are taking a product, whether it is MitoSynergy or some other product, natural or prescription, make sure to be aware of detoxifying.  If you are not detoxifying enough… You have too much ‘die off’ going on during a healing process; toxins build up faster than you can get rid of it through normal body functions. Think of it like this: Most times during a healing treatment you will feel worse before you feel better; then you start feeling great and then sluggish again.  That sluggish feeling means it’s working.  The sluggish feeling is the toxins left behind so you know healing is happening.  Just remember, water, water, and more water!  So back to my story:  MitoSynergy is amazing!  It is working and it is the best natural product he has ever tried.  The reason for today’s post is to tell MitoSynergy “THANK YOU!”   The MitoSynergy team took the time and effort to answers all my questions whenever I called.  I am forever grateful for giving me back my son!  ______, or whatever you want to call it took years of my son’s life away- MitoSynergy is giving it back!  Every day he sees more and more progress on his way to a healthier life without discomfort.  Thank you MitoSynergy!

Marge Van Handel

Kaukauna, Wisconsin

Mitosynergy definitely works. I just finished my 1st month and have had at least a 30% drop in discomfort and even more exciting a 75% increase in energy and activities! I just ran out and don’t get my disability until the 3rd or Dec. I guess I am going to see exactly how lost I am w/o it.

UPDATE Nov 28, 2011

Ok, really feeling bad. discomfort is back and I just want to sit and do nothing 🙁 People this product works Get on it and stay on it for a better life.

I’m hooked on this feeling ♪, that Mito is in love with me ♪♪♫.. ♥
Thank you MitoSynergy…